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This program was made so users could solve math problems while receiving step by step output on how to do them. To do this the program will take input on a specific problem, and(if desired) will output steps to solving the problem directly into the webpage. All that is required is the Java runtime environment, and Javascript enabled.

Users can operate this utility to find solutions, check answers, or find the specific step where they may have gone awry in trying to find a solution on their own. This can also be used as a quick refresher on how to go about solving a certain problem that the user has learned before, but can't quite remember all of the details. Just hit the random button for a specific task and an example will be loaded. Whatever the case, this system was made so users could obtain quick help on specific math problems without having download or setup anything.

Note: This is a beta version and not all answers can be guaranteed. Not for use in critical systems.


Input Types

Currently the system supports matrices, multivariable equations, parametric equations, and differential equations. Each equation type has problem types associated with them, just choose what type of problem to solve with the Action dropdown menu.

Control Output

By using the help dropdown menu, the user can control whether or not they will see detailed explanations of how the answer was calculated. If all that is wanted is an answer, simply turn help to "off" as an easy way to quickly check solutions without scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Keep Going

When the answer is calculated for some functions, the result is placed back into the input bar (into the correct input format) so the user can use the solution to answer successive problems. If the original input is required, simply copy and paste the text appearing at the start of the output stream.
Note: Some functions will not place the answer back in the input area, as there can be multiple outputs to a specific problem.

What does this do?

If a specific problem is unfamiliar, or simply curiosity takes over, just hit the random button to see a solution worked out. This is also a good way to remember something that was learned before, instead of flipping through an old book, see an example here as a guide to all the steps.

What's with all the matrices?

When designing this utility, solving problems based on linear algebra and matrices was the main idea. Due to the sometimes lengthy problems and intricate steps, it's easy to make a small mistake somewhere along the line and arrive at an incorrect solution. If this is the case, the problem can be worked out here to see where the mistake was made. While the methods used to arrive at a solution here may not align exactly with every problem, exposure to different techniques can only enhance the learning process.

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