Creating an Account

To use this handicap system, all you need to do is create an account by clicking the Create Account button. When entering your information, make sure to input your home course as the course that you play the most, since the system will display your home handicap based on this initial course that you enter.

Logging In

Once you have created an account, simply login with your username and password that you chose.

Entering Scores

To enter a score, simply place your score in the score input field, choose the course that you played from the Course drop down menu, and enter in the date that you played in the Date field in the format that is shown by default: YYYY-MM-DD.

Adding Courses

If you wish to add a course that will show up in your default Course selections, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the information in the Add Course section. Enter in the name of the course that you wish to add in the Course input field, and then subsequently fill in the Slope and Rating fields. Hit Add Course, and now the new course will show up in your default Course selections.

Editing Courses

If for some reason you entered in your courses incorrectly, or need to change a slope/rating, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Edit Courses button. Once you navigate to the next page, you can edit any of your default courses by hitting the Edit button corresponding to the course that you wish to edit. Once you see the edit course page, fill in all of the new fields to edit this course: Course Name, Slope, and Rating. Alternatively, you can hit the Remove button to take this course off of your default list.

Editing Scores

Editing scores is also simple. On the default page with all of your scores visible, select which score you want to edit and click the corresponding Edit button, this will take you to the edit score page. Once here, you can either remove the score by hitting the Remove button, or enter in the score this was supposed to be by using the fields below in the same fashion that you do when entering a score. Hit the Edit Score button to finalize the editing process.

Finding Away Handicap

Simply put in the slope rating of the course that you will be playing in the Away Slope text field and hit the Calc Handicap button to see the handicap you will use at that course.

Lost Login Info

If you have lost your username and/or password, from the main login screen enter in the email address that you registered with beside the Retrieve Info button and click to have your information sent to you. The server may take a few minutes to send the info, but it will shortly arrive in your inbox.
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