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Once all necessary input is entered, simply hit enter while the cursor is in the Input text area to carry out the calculation.

Currently this utility supports four types of input: matrices, multivariable equations f(x,y,z) , parametric equations f(u(x,y,z),v(x,y,z),w(x,y,z)), and differential equations.

Note: This is a beta version and not all answers can be guaranteed. Not for use in critical systems.



Select matrix from the Eq Type dropdown and enter in each entry of the matrix followed by a comma, excluding the last entry. Each entry can be a multivariable equation. The order to enter in the matrix will be to the first row, then the second, then the third... The program will automatically (try to) assume that the matrix is square when no row/column input is entered in the row/column text fields. If the input matrix is however not square, enter in the number of rows in the first text box to the right of Rows/Columns, followed by the number of columns in the second text box. For example:

1     2     3
3     7     3    
0     1     1     =     1,2,3,3,7,3,0,1,1 as the input, and Rows/Columns can either be left blank or set to 3 and 3.

1     2     3
1     1     0     =     1,2,3,1,1,0 as the input, and Rows/Columns set to 2 and 3.

2-t     3     1
1     1-t     0
3      9     -2-t     =     2-t,3,1,1,1-t,0,3,9,-2-t as the input, and Rows/Columns can be left blank.

Current Actions:
Multivariable equations f(x,y,z)


Select f(x,y,z) from the Eq Type dropdown and enter in an equation much the same way as you would on a graphing calculator, for example:

3xy2 = 3xy^2 ,    7z-3z(3x+4) = 7z-3z^(3x+4) ,     x3ycos(z) = x^3ycos(z) ,     y2ln(z) = y^2ln(z) ...

When entering an equation with numerators and denominators, separate each with parenthesis, for example:

(x)/(y) ,     (ycos(z))/(x+7) ,     (y^(3z))/(e(x)) ....

Specific Formats:

Cosine         : cos(x) ,     cos(x)cos(x) ,    xycos(z)....

Sine             : sin(y) ,    sin(x^2) ,    sin(xy+3)....

Natural Log : ln(x) ,    xln(x) ,    x^2ln(y+z) ....

Exponential : e(x) ,    e(xy+4) ,    xe(yz)cos(y)....

π                 : cos(PI) ,    sin(3.5PI) ,    e(x)sin(-3PI)....

Secant         : sec(x) ,    sec(y^2) ,    sec(x)cos(y)....

Cosecant      : csc(x) ,    xcsc(x) ,    csc(x)ln(y)....

Tangent        : tan(x) ,     t^2tan(t) ,    tan(xz)ln(x)....

Cotangent     : cot(x) ,     cot(y)cos(x) ,    z^2cot(z)....

Current Actions:
Parametric equations f(u(x,y,z),v(x,y,z),w(x,y,z)) or f = Pi + Qj + Rk


Select parametric from the Eq Type dropdown and enter in a parametric equation by separating each function by a comma. If the z function in w(x,y,z) is left blank, a 0 will be assumed. For example:

3xy^2,yz,z     cos(t),sin(t),t     xln(y),z,y     sin(t),cos(t) ....

Current Actions:
Differential Equations


Select diffEq from the equation type dropdown and enter in a differential equation. The input is assumed to have the form of ay''+by'+c -G(x) = 0, so no equal sign is required. For example:

y''+2y'+3 ,    3y''-y ,     -3y''-y-x^2 ,     3y''-y'+5y-xe(x)-cos(x) ...

Current Actions:
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